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英 语 试 题
命题学校:襄阳五中   命题人:盛晓华 刘静 李培 张凌云 张银莉   审题人:盛晓华
1. Where will the speakers go?
   A. Jean’s place.  B. Their hometown.   C. The hospital.
2. What is the woman asking for?
   A. The man’s bill.  B. The man’s keycard.   C. The man’s room number.
3. How much was the original price of the camera?
   A. $300.   B. $280.  C. $230.
4. What does the woman want to be?
   A. A bank clerk.  B. A nurse.  C. A doctor.
5. What does the woman want to do?
   A. Not go to the party. B. Slow down.   C. Be quick.
6. What are the speakers talking about?
   A. The evening sky.  B. The weather. C. The school project.
7. What pictures did the boy take last week?
   A. The moon.   B. The stars.  C. The clouds.
8. What did Natasha like doing when she was 9 years old?
   A. Snowboarding.  B. Climbing mountains.  C. Playing computer games.
9. What does Natasha’s father say about sailing?
   A. Expensive.  B. Exciting. C. Dangerous.
10. What is the relationship between the speakers?
   A. Housemates.  B. Colleagues.  C. Classmates.
11. When will the party begin?
   A. About 10:00 p.m. B. About 8:00 p.m. C. About 6:00 p.m.
12. What does the man advise Amy to bring?
  A. iPod.  B. Beer. C. Juice.
13. Where does the woman want to travel?
   A. In a mountain.  B. On a river.   C. In a park.
14. When will the woman be back for sure?
   A. 12:15 p.m. B. 1:45 p.m.  C. 2:00 p.m.
15. How will the woman come back?
   A. By boat. B. By bus.  C. On foot.
16. What does the man suggest the woman do?
   A. Book tickets in advance. B. Come early.   C. Take some food.
17. What is the speaker doing?
   A. Making an invitation. B. Introducing a theater.  C. Advertising for a play.
18. What does the speaker want to do?
   A. Watch a film. B. Attend a party.  C. See a play.
19. Why does the man offer to buy the ticket?
   A. To celebrate Jamie’s birthday. B. To show their friendship. C. To make an apology. 
20. Where would the speaker like to meet Jamie?
   A. In a bar. B. In a restaurant.  C. In a theater.

While CCTV’s educational show Animal World is well known, few big screen wildlife documentaries have been made by China’s film industry.
But Born in China, which came out on Aug 2, may be important for Chinese filmmakers who want to get into nature -themed films. The movie, directed by Chinese filmmaker Lu Chuan, was shot in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and shows the animals’ lives during different seasons.
Born in China not only brings to audiences the lives of animals that are rarely seen in the wild—giant pandas, snow leopards, and golden monkeys, but also shows Chinese traditional culture.
 A symbol of China, the giant panda is both black and white. Its body is thought to show yin and yang, which ancient Chinese ideas were based on. The panda’s gentle nature shows how yin and yang lead to peace. It can be seen in the film when a panda mother guides her baby to look for independence and explore the world.
Unlike the shy pandas, monkeys always have strong personalities. The Monkey King in China’s most famous novel Journey to  the West has many conflicting traits(特点). It stands for not only impatience but also cleverness and energy. Born in China follows a 2-year- old golden monkey who leaves his family, but then returns and understands the meaning of responsibility.
Just as the golden monkey, a mother snow leopard also faces difficulty in raising her babies in the wild. The leopards, known for their rapid attacks and quick footwork(脚步), have inspired a form of pictographic(象形拳) in Shaolin martial arts(武术).
“Born in China is a means to show off Chinese traditional culture,” director Lu told the reporter. “Chinese people have learned a lot from wild animals since ancient times. This is why I shot this nature -themed documentary.”
21. How is Born in China special according to the article?
A. It shows Chinese traditional culture through the lives of animals.
B. It’s considered the best nature-themed film to come out of China.
C. It’s the first big screen wildlife documentary ever made in China.
D. It shows audiences the lives of rare animals.
22. We can learn from the article that in Born in China, _______.
A. the story of the giant pandas shows the importance of exploring the world
B. the story of the golden monkeys was inspired by the Monkey King
C. the stories show how animals grow up to be independent
D. the story about snow leopards shows what people can learn from animals
23. What may be the best title for the text?
A. The stories of 3 animal famil ies B. Symbols of China
C. Wildlife born in China  D. Nature shows culture
One advantage of the Internet is shopping conveniently online for clothes; one disadvantage of the Internet is also shopping conveniently online for clothes.
“Nothing fits,” said Lam Yuk Wong, a senior in electrical and computer engineering at Rice University. “Everyone says this. They order clothes and they don’t fit. People get very unhappy.”
Wong and her design partner, Xuaner “Cecilia” Zhang, are Team White Mirror, creators of what they call a “virtual (虚拟)fitting room”. Their goal is simple and consumer-friendly: to let online clothing shoppers have a perfect fit and a perfect look when shopping every time. Both women are from China, Wong from Hong Ko ng and Zhang from Beijing. They both order most of their clothing online. They got the idea from their own experience as consumers and from listening to the complaints of friends and relatives. “They say, ‘The color is wrong’ or ‘I got the right size but it still does not fit.’ We want to make it like you’re in the store trying on the clothes,” Zhang said.
Using a Kinect developed by Microsoft for use with its Xbox 360 video game player, Zhang scans Wong and turns her image into, in effect, a virtual model, keeping Wong’s dimensions (尺寸), and even her skin and hair color. “We put the clothes on the shopper’s 3-D body models and show how they look when they are dressed,” Wong said. So far, Wong and Zhang have adapted the software to show dresses and shirts, and they are now working on shorts.
Asked if she thought men as well as women might be interested in using their virtual fitting room, Wong said, “I think their wives will care about this, so it will also be important to men.”
24. Why is shopping conveniently online for clothes a disadvantage?
A. Students may easily get addicted to it.
B. Clothes bought online may not fit.
C. It attracts more online clothing shoppers.
D. It causes shoppers to waste too much money.
25. Wong and Zhang got the idea to design a virtual fitting room from ____.
A. their shopping experiences B. a program at their university
C. some shop-owners’ complaints D. the Xbox 360 video game player
26. Which of the following shows the process of using the virtual fitting room?
A. scanning -- trying on clothes -- getting images B. trying on clothes -- getting models -- scanning
C. scanning -- getting models --trying on clothes  D. trying on clothes -- getting images -- scanning
27. What did Wong think of her virtual fitting room?
A. It is perfectly developed. B. It will have its market share.
C. It is limited to women shoppers. D. It is like a kind of video game player.
Reader: For six years, I’ve run an office that has two employees: me and my boss. He used to be so appreciative that I didn’t mind doing a little extra, but about two months ago, he started being rude and demanding. Now he even yells when I don’t have time to bring his favorite wine to his home after work.
This change started when we met a wealthy new customer, who is a huge jerk (古怪的人) -- my boss’s new behavior is just like his.
My boss is a good man; he and his family have treated me like a little sister. Is there a good way to discuss this with him?
Karla: Sounds like your new customer has set a bad example to your boss. You need to remind your boss that you’re in his corner-- but you’re not his slave. My suggestions are as follows.
Start with a simple question in a calm moment: “Is everything okay?”
State the truth: “Until recently, I’ve felt like a valued teammate. But our relationship has become tense. Your expectations of me seem to have changed. Although I used to do occasional personal businesses for you as a favor, now it seems expected.”
Draw your lines: “If you think my job description needs to change or my performance is not good enough, let’s discuss that. Otherwise, I need you to stop yelling at me and to respect my personal time.”
Ideally, you’ll get an apology and a promise to do better. After that, it’s a matter of reinforcement (加强) . If he starts yelling, look at him with a calm expression. After he cools down, restate his request and add, “Is that correct?” For the unreasonable request, such as fetching his favorite wine after work: “I’m afraid I can’t take care of that for you.” If he keeps acting like a jerk, there are bosses out there who will better respect your time and talent.
Karla L. Miller is ready to hear your work dramas. Send your questions to wpmagazine@washpost.com.
28. We can infer that the reader’s boss used to be ____.
A. grateful and friendly  B. rich but strange
C. proud and hard-working  D. honest but self-centered
29. What does the underlined word “demanding” mean in the last but one paragraph?
A. appreciating too much  B. scolding too much  
C. apologizing too much  D. expecting too much
30. When the reader’s boss asks her to do something unreasonable next time, she is advised to ____.
A. quit her job  B. look at her boss calmly
C. refuse the request  D. discuss the job description
31. What sort of problem can be solved by Karla L. Miller?
A. How do I make a friend?  B. How do I kill my personal time?
C. How can I get along well with my workmates? D. How can I get rid of wine?
Nearly 19 percent of teachers of color(有色人种教师) left their jobs after the 2014-2015 school year. Some left for personal reasons like taking care of their families. But 50 percent said they left because they were dissatisfied with their employment situation, such as poor working conditions, student discipline problems and large class sizes. Thus, taking immediate measures to improve it is our top priority.
For  years, researchers have proved the benefits of increasing the share of minority teachers in schools, especially as our public school system has turned to one that is made up mostly of minority students. Teachers of color, who are more likely than their white counterparts to choose to work in racially diverse(多种多样的) schools, offer particular benefits to their students. Graduation rates increase among minority students when they are taught by racially similar educators, research shows. They can also serve as positive role models, and their presence reduces the chance of racial discrimination at school.
The Shanker Institute report suggests that the rate of minority teacher hiring is not the whole problem. The problem is what happens after these teachers enter the classroom. These teachers often work in high-poverty rural schools. They are more likely to have less-desirable working conditions.
Diversity is a key component to equality and opportunity. Where there’s a diverse teaching workforce, all kids thrive. So solutions must be found at once to turn this trend around. Firstly, schools should develop mentorship programs that support minority teachers once they are in the classroom. Secondly, more money should be spent in improving working conditions in these schools. Of course, school headmasters should also be evaluated on their ability to retain teachers of color.
32. Among teachers of color leaving their jobs, half of them quit because _______.
 A. they had to take care of their children B. they had to move  to other places
 C. they eventually found better-paid jobs D. their employment situation was unsatisfactory
33. Which of the following is the main idea of the second paragraph?
   A. The solutions to increasing graduation rates among minority students.
 B. The benefits of increasing the share of minority teachers in schools.
 C. The reasons for teachers of color leaving their jobs in many schools.
 D. The ways to decrease the possibility of racial discrimination at school.
34. Which of the following components is vital to equality and opportunity?
A. Honesty B. Variety C. Ability D. Safety
35. How did the author feel when writing the passage?
 A. He felt angry about the government.
 B. He was satisfied with the present situation.
 C. He felt it urgent to solve the problem.
D. He didn’t care about diverse teaching workforce.

Humor plays an important role in relationships. In new relationships, humor can be an effective tool not just for attracting the other person but also for overcoming any awkwardness or embarrassment.  36 
Sharing the pleasure of humor creates a sense of connection between two people. When you laugh with one another, you create a positive tie between you. This tie acts as a strong buffer(缓冲) against stress, disagreements, disappointments, and bad patches in a relationship. And laughter really is infectious.  37   But don’t worry if you’re not naturally a lighthearted, humorous person----you can learn to access your playful side and develop your sense of fun.
Like any tool, humor can be used in negative as well as positive ways. Humor can only help you overcome relationship problems when both partners can understand the joke.  38   If your partner or friend isn’t likely to appreciate the joke, don’t say or do it. Humor in relationships should be equally fun and enjoyable for both people.
Don’t use humor to cover up other emotions.  39   That’s when it is used as a cover for avoiding, rather than coping with, painful emotions. You can be funny about the truth, but covering up the truth isn’t funny. When you use humor and playfulness as a cover for other emotions, you create confusion and mistrust in your relationships.
  40   The important thing is to find enjoyable activities that help you embrace your playful nature with other people. As humor a nd play become an unseparated part of your life, you’ll begin to find daily opportunities for using your new-found skills to help build and maintain your relationships.
A. Humor can help you and your loved one.
B. There are times when humor is not healthy.
C. It’s important to be sensitive to the other person.
D. It’s never too late to develop your humorous side.
E. The more you joke, play, and laugh----the easier it becomes.
F. Just hearing someone laugh can make you smile and join in on the fun.
G. In longer-term relationships, humor can keep things exciting and fresh.

As I sat there one night in Namibia, staring out at one of the most perfect sunsets I’d seen in a while, I realized why I never wanted to visit Africa alone. Sometimes the   41   of travel is not so beautiful when you don’t have someone to   42   it with. And there I was, staring out at this gorgeous   43   , and I was alone. I had no one to share that moment.
    Sure, there was my tour group, but it’s not the same. Sharing a moment with people you have a bond with is much   44   from sharing it with strangers. Days later, I kept coming back to the   45   I felt at that moment. There was nothing wrong   46   anyone on my tour-----they were all nice, polite, and talkative, and we got along well. But tours are   47   organize d, and sometimes you closely   48   with people and sometimes you don’t. Dining alone may well be one most awkward times of solo travel. But like anything, the more you do it the more you get used to it.
    And as I sat there looking at this beautiful sunset while zebra   49   from the nearby watering hole, a   50   hit me at the moment-----I am alone .And I am   51  it. While I’m an introvert(内向的人)and I like my “me” time, after 6.5 years, solo travel isn’t for me any longer. I no longer   52   to wander cities or gaze upon African sunsets alone. I want to   53   with people I know. I want   54   faces. I want to share moments. I make plenty of   55   on the road, but I’m tired of having to  56    in each new city.
    I think everyone should travel alone at some point in their life; you   57   a lot about yourself by doing so. I never  58  the solo travel I’ve done in the past and never felt alone or bored during those years, but Africa made it   59   that it’s time to move on to a new  60   of my life. I couldn’t hold onto the past any longer.
41. A. route B. beauty C. destination D. plan
42. A. share B. compare C. award D. admire
43. A. grassland B. sky C. desert D. sunset
44. A. different   B. helpful C. unusual D. admirable
45 A. doubt B. sadness C. wonder D. comfort
46. A. for B. in  C. with D. on
47. A. expensively B. commonly C. meaningfully D. casually
48. A. play B. compete C. bond D. fight
49. A. drank B. lay C. bent D. ate
50. A. stone B. truth C. stick D. ball
51. A. fond of B. proud of C. afraid of D. tired of
52. A. desire B. fail C. dare  D. refuse
53. A. communicate B. work C. travel D. deal
54. A. round B. familiar C. healthy D. similar
55. A . friends B. mistakes C. decisions D. plans
56. A. take over B. look over C. turn over D. start over
57. A. learn B. worry C. care D. concern
58. A. recall B. dream C. regret D. experience
59. A. clear B. valuable C. impressive D. basic
60. A. situation B. discovery C. challenge  D. chapter
第三部分:英语知识运用  (共两节,满分45分)
第二节 (共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)
Many times we spare no effort at work,  61  (offer) hours of overtime by ignoring our family life. We spend time with people who we have nothing in common with, and attend social 62  (activity) we have no interest  63 . We always find ourselves living our lives in the way that pleases and impresses others instead of being ourselves. In fact, for the majority of people, they only think about  64  (they) 99% of the time, and  65  (ra re) give us a second thought, as a result of  66  we often end up unhappy and feeling out of place.
In view of this, it’s time to think about ourselves, our own family, and start creating a future  67  (base) on our own likes and dislikes.  68  , think it over next time when we are required to work overtime. Trying to be a loving parent or good friend  69  (be) very likely to give us far more  70  (please) and a feeling of security, connection and belonging.
第四部分:写作 (共两节, 满分 35分)  
第一节:短文改错 (共10小题; 每小题1分, 满分10 分)      
    假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文, 请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 
增加: 在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),并在 其下面写出该加的词。
删除: 把多余的词用斜线( \ )划掉。
修改: 在错词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。
注意: 1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;
2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。
Dear Jack,
    I’m very happy to know the news you are planning to visit to my city. I’m looking forward to your early arrive. There’re a few well-known place of interest in my city. I’d like to show you around it when you came here. Time permits, we can watch some live operas. I know you’re a fan of Chinese opera. As it is becoming cold day by day, I suggest you wear some warm clothes so you won’t catch a cold. Remember to tell me exact the time of the flight. I’ll meet you at the airport.
    Wish you the pl easant journey!
Yours sincerely, 
Xiao Hong

第二节:书面表达(满分 25 分)
    全国中学生运动会将会在你市举行,组委会现面向全市中学生征集志愿者。假如你是李华,请给组委会负责人Mr. Li写封信,申请成为一名志愿者。内容要点包括:
2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文流畅。
参考词汇:全国中学生运动national high school sports meeting                                                                 
Dear Mr Li,
      Yours sincerely,
       Li Hua    
61. offering   62. activities    63.in     64. themselves      65. rarely  
66. which     67. based    68. Therefore/Thus    69. is      70. pleasure
Dear Jack,
I’m very happy to know the news you are planning to visit to my city. I’m looking forward to your early arrive. There are a few well-known place of interest in my city. I’d like to show you around it when you came here. Time permits, we can watch some live operas. I know you’re a fan of Chinese opera. As it is becoming cold day by day, I suggest you wear some warm clothes so you won’t catch a cold. Remember to tell me exact the time of the flight. I’ll meet you at the airport.
   Wish you the pleasant journey!     
                                                                    Yours truly,
                                                                     Xiao Hong

Dear Mr. Li,
   My name is Li Hua, a high school student in our city. Knowing that the national high school sports meeting will be held in our city, I am so excited that I can’t wait to write to you to apply to be a volunteer.
  As a sports-lover myself, I have a general idea of the rules of different events. In addition, I am also good at communicating with others and eager to lend a hand to people in need. With the spirit of voluntary work rooted in my heart, I am sure that I can be a suitable volunteer you need. If I am honored enough to be accepted as a volunteer, I will serve the players heart and soul, using my patience and carefulness to make them feel at home.
  Look forward to hearing from you.
                                                                 Yours sincerely,
Li Hua

( Text 1)
W: Jean is unhappy recently. What’s wrong with her?
M: She has been homesick for a week.
W: Why don’t we visit her and find out how she’s doing?
M: Good idea.
( Text 2)
W: Good morning, sir. How can I help you?
M: I’d like to check out and pay for the bill.
W: Could I have your keycard please?
M: Here it is. I was in room 322.
( Text 3)
M: I saw an advertisement in the newspaper about a camera you have on special offer.
W: Yes, the Sony Cybershot DSCT 300. It’s $50 cheaper now, only $230.
M: Great. I’ll take it.
( Text 4)
M: Would you like to work in a bank?
W: No. That would be very boring. I want to be a doctor. And I can help a lot of people.
( Text 5)
M: Can't we slow down? I’m tired.
W: Slow down? Don’t you realize how late we’re going to be for the party?
( Text 6)
W: How’s your school project going, Tim?
M: The one about the sky in the evening? OK, I guess. I took some good photos of the moon last week, but then yesterday it was really cloudy. So I couldn’t see anything — not even any stars.
W: That was a pity.
M: Yeah, but at least I’ve got some pictures to show my teacher.
( Text 7)
M: So, Natasha, tell me about your hobbies. Do you like computer games, for example?
W: I played a lot of computer games until I was about ten. But I haven’t played any for a long time.
M: What do you do now?
W: I prefer doing exciting things outside. Activities like climbing and snowboarding. You know something that girls may think dangerous.
M: Is there anything you haven’t tried, but would like to?
W: I’d love to go sailing. But my dad says we can’t afford it. It needs a lot of money.
( Text 8)
M: Amy, my housemate and I are having a house-warming party on Friday night. Would you like to come?
W: Sure. Will there be a lot of people there?
M: Yeah. We’ve each invited about 10 people.
W: Who are they?
M: Some people in our office, my sister, and a few friends from school. You won’t be sitting there by yourself.
W: What time is it going to start?
M: Most people get off work at 6:00 p.m. , so it’s  going to start about two hours later.
W: Should I bring anything?
M: We’ll have beer, but if you want to bring some juice, that’d be great.
W: I could also bring some music if you want. I’ve got lots of songs on my new iPod.
M: That’d be great. Wait for me after work then! I will come on time.
( Text 9)
M: Hello. Tourist Information. What can I do for you?
W: Hello, I’m phoning about the boat trips on the River Dee. Can you tell me which days they are?
M: Sure. They go every Friday and Sunday.
W: And where does the boat leave from?
M: You’ll find it next to the bridge. It’s ten minutes’ walk from North Street car park.
W: Are there several trips a day?
M: Just one. It starts at twelve fifteen. It takes about an hour and forty-five minutes, so you’ll be back by two.
W: How far up the river will the boat take us?
M: All the way to Aldford.  That’s A-L-D-F-O-R-D. You get off there and come back through the mountains on a bus.
W: It sounds nice. Can I get any food on the boat?
M: Not much. They only sell ice cream and cold drinks. But there are lots of cafes in Aldford.
W: Can we get tickets on the boat?
M: Yes. They’re three pounds ninety-five for adults and two pounds seventy-five for children. Come early and get a good seat.
W: OK. Thank you for your help.
( Text 10)
M:    Hi Jamie, this is Michael. Sorry you’re not in. Would you like to come to the theater with me? There’s a play on called The Dinner Party. It’s about a group of friends who meet again after twenty-five years for a meal. People say its actors are really good and it is worth a visit.
      I know it is your birthday on August the twenty-seventh. Well, the play is on the twenty-ninth. I’ll pay for your ticket as a birthday present if you like. It is in the New Theater. It is that big building in Church Street just across the road from the library. It hasn’t been open long and it’s very nice and modern inside.
     The play starts at eight o’clock, so why don’t we meet in the bar next to the theater first? I’ll see you there at six f orty-five and we can have a drink before it starts. If you’d like to come, call me on my phone. Speak to you soon. Bye.
A篇 本文对中国野生动植物纪录片《我们诞生在中国》做了简要的介绍。
21. A 根据第三段中 “not only…but also…”可知正确答案选A
22. D 根据倒数第二段 “have inspired a form of pictographic in shaolin martial arts”可知选D
23. D 根据第三段可知,全文介绍Born in China 即讲到三种野生动物又强调了其背后的文化。
B篇 大学生创业者设计了“虚拟试衣间”来解决很多人在网上购买的衣服不合适的问题,。
24. B 根据第二段第一句 “Nothing fits,”可知选A
25. A 根据第三段第四行 “They got the idea from their own experience as c ustomers”可知选A
26. C 根据倒数第二段可知使用虚拟试衣间的具体过程。
27. B 根据最后一段可知男女顾客都会对此感兴趣,故虚拟试衣间会有它的市场地位。
C篇 读者写信来倾诉了与老板相处中的问题,Karla回信给出了一些中肯的建议。
28. A 根据第一段的第二句“He used to be so appreciative…but…he started being rude and demanding”可知选A
29. D 根据划线单词所在的那句话 “for the ridiculous request, such as fetching his favorite wine after work”可知该词是不合情理,不可接受的意思。
30. C 根据倒数第二段倒数第二行 “I’m afraid I can’t take care of that for you”可知读者被建议拒绝她的老板。
31. C 根据最后一段可以得出正确答案。
D篇 作者认为学校要留住有色人种教师,关键是要提高他们的工作条件。
32. D 根据第一段的第二句可选出D
33. B 根据第二段的第一句,段落主旨句可得出答案。
34. B 根据最后一段第一句可知。
35. C 根据第一段最后一句 “taking immediate measures to improve it is our top priority.”和最后一段第三句中 “at once”可选出C
36. G 本段说明了幽默在人际关系中的重要作用,上一句说明了在新关系中幽默的作用,此处接着论述幽默在长期关系中的作用符合逻辑。
37. F 上一句提到笑是富有感染力,故F项是对上一句的具体说明。
38. C 根据下一句提到的我们要关注同伴或朋友的感受可知,C项(善于体察他人的态度很重要)符合语境。
39. B 上一句是本段的主题句,指出不要用幽默掩盖其他情绪。下一句明确指出不能使用幽默的情况,故B项可与其对应。
40. D 本段论述了怎么变得更有幽默感,故D项(开发你幽默的一面永远为时不晚)能引领该段。
61. offering 现在分词做状语,表示伴随
62. activities 考查名词变复数,参加社会活动肯定不是一个。
63. in  考查固定词组搭配have no interest in,we have no interest in 做后置定语修饰前面的社会活
64. themselves 考查反身代词。意为“他们只考虑他们自己”。
65. rarely   考查形容词变副词。此处应该用副词来修饰动词give.
66. which 考查非限制性定语从句。
67. based  “based on”过去分词做后置定语修饰 “a future”。    
68. Therefore/Thus 考查连词的用法。意为:“因此,下一次当我们要求额外工作的时候,我们要仔细考虑。”
69. is 考查动名词做主语,谓语动词用单数。           
70. pleasure “give sb. sth.”此处应用名词作 “give”的宾语。      




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